Sentio Services LLC provides consulting services related to the management of software development and system implementations.  We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry managing clinical, financial, and technology projects.  Many companies provide consultants who can either track tasks, program systems, or execute test cases.  Their consultants are specialized and don't see the big picture.  Perhaps those companies have fancy tracking tools but don't know what to actually track.  Sentio Services has a broader knowledge of projects from planning, programming, testing, training, and deploying systems.  We understand business operations and know what the system must do to be successful.  We have a larger perspective while still understanding the details for getting the job done.  If the details change, we know how that affects the overall project scope, budget, timeline, and quality and can react before it's too late.


Sentio Services has experience providing consulting services in the areas below:


Project Management


Healthcare Implementations


Software Development


Quality Assurance & Testing


Information Technology



One of the implementation tools developed by Sentio Services is the Soarian Simulator.  This tool enables system analysts, informaticists, and consultants to quickly design Soarian forms and order sets.  It has significantly reduced the time and cost to hospitals who create and update Soarian forms during their implementation and post-Live maintenance.  See the video below for a demo of the tool.


Soarian® is a registered trademark of Cerner Corporation



Our services and tools have been provided to organizations across the USA including the locations shown below:






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